Livrăm prin curier rapid

  • The product is generally made after receipt of the order. That’s why we have to prepare it and you can have it at home in a few working days. Delivery usually takes between 1 and 3 working days.
  • If a larger quantity is needed, it will take a little longer to prepare the products, but not much 🙂 . We have also placed orders for several hundred products for important companies in Romania. For larger quantities it is best to contact us so that we can offer you a discount. Lullula products are cool gifts that can be given to employees for special events in the life of a company.
  • We deliver in Romania. For delivery to other countries in the European Union, please contact us to calculate a special price with DHL, with whom we have a partnership.
  • If you are passing through Sibiu, you can pick up the products at the headquarters.

Free delivery for orders > 200 lei

Transportul este gratuit la comenzi de peste 200 de lei. Până în această sumă, transportul este 19 lei dacă plătești cu cardul, indiferent de greutatea produselor. Dacă optezi pentru plata ramburs, transportul e 25 lei.