Lullula products are great gifts to give to business partners, guests, collaborators and employees.

Hand-painted baskets or Lullula trays are a nice way to show all your partners and employees that they are appreciated and that they get a special gift.

At Easter, Christmas, Christmas or the birthday of the company or association, a hand-painted mug as a gift is a nice gesture.

Several companies and associations have seen the significance of gifts with a personal touch and have chosen our products to mark different events and to reward their employees, members or friends.

We have the capacity and dedication to produce large orders of several hundred products for such events.

♦ I have enthusiastically created hand-painted mugs with cats for the anniversary
Humanitas Fiction

♦ We hand-painted March 8 mugs for the women of Noriel.

♦ We have prepared many Easter gifts and more for
Leroy Merlin

♦ We also lovingly painted many souvenir mugs for the Democratic Forum of Germans in Romania

♦ We have created products dear to
Consulate of the Federal Republic of Germany
from Sibiu

♦ We painted large and small mugs for our friends at

Keep Calling

♦ We painted little houses on the tubs of our friends from

♦ I also painted many mugs for the
Animal Life
in Sibiu, among others.

♦ I have hand painted mugs given as wedding favours and created Xmas gifts for various companies.

We work with marketing firms to come up with more personal, warm gifts for different events.

For such an order, please contact us to arrange the type of products, a special price and a delivery schedule.

You can contact us by email, or through the other communication channels on the CONTACT.