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Company: Parnica Chescu Alina Alexandra PFA
CUI: 33832010
RC: F32/1063/2014
Headquarters: Jud. Sibiu, city of Sibiu, str. Prague nr.9
email: contact[at]lullula.ro
tel: 0743 298 568

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  • The product is made after receipt of order. That’s why we have to prepare it and you can have it at home in a few working days. Delivery usually takes between 1 and 3 working days.
  • If a larger quantity is needed, it will take a little longer to prepare the products, but not a lot, but according to the quantity ordered. We have also placed orders for several hundred products for large companies in Romania.
  • We deliver in Romania. For delivery to other countries in the European Union, please contact us to calculate a special price with DHL, with whom we have a partnership.
  • If you are passing through Sibiu, you can pick up the products at the headquarters.

Return policy

According to GC 34/2014, the consumer has the right to notify the trader in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalty and without giving a reason. Therefore, also in case of purchase of a product from us, the customer has the right to return the whole order or a part of it within 14 calendar days from the date he received it, without being obliged to give a reason.

The products will be returned in their original packaging with all accessories, intact labels, accompanying documents and a copy of the purchase invoice. For the return, the customer only pays the transport costs.

Money for returned products is transferred to the customer’s account within 14 working days, depending on the bank. The 14 days are calculated from the time the return is processed.

We are at your disposal for any details. Our address and contact details are displayed on the website.

Privacy and cookies

Please also read our Privacy Policy and Cookies.

Other details

You can always contact us for any further details and clarifications:

Parnica Chescu Alina Alexandra PFA
CUI: 33832010
RC: F32/1063/2014
Headquarters: Jud. Sibiu, city of Sibiu, str. Prague nr.9
email: contact[at]lullula.ro
tel: 0743 298 568