After five years in which the baby lark grew up a little at a time in the home workshop, learned to walk and got an A in his flying lessons, it was time to spread his wings and dive into the unknown. He did it not very far from home, but a little higher up, on Mitropoliei Street (in Sibiu), on the ground floor of building number 27, where he recreated, in miniature, the semi-wild garden where he was born, the atmosphere and the universe of home.

Individual tea sets and hand-painted mugs, sweaters, t-shirts and us, you can find us, then, on #Mitropolia27, where we have set up Lullula’s workshop, but also Lullula Art Shop, a mini shop, probably one of the smallest there is, for you to see our products “live”. And, if you have souvenirs to buy, and gifts to make, for loved ones, children, friends from home and abroad, or simply for your soul, we are waiting for you, with love, to cross our threshold.

This is the only big change in the life of the baby lark (n.a. Lullula is the little lark), because – otherwise – you can find it, as before, on the website, on Facebook and in dear shops and friends. With all the beautiful, original little things, painted with attention to detail and carrying his barefoot, unfolded garden at home in his heart.

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