After wandering around the North Pole in the warm weather, hoping to warm the hearts of the penguins, bears and polar foxes, the Hotties have returned to our shores.

The large, palm-hugging cones are perfect for housing and enjoying everything that comes under the heading of “Hot”: HOT tea, HOT milk, HOT choco, HOT soup, mulled wine and, if you don’t have a bowl handy, they can easily turn into deep plates from which to eat your pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, rice with vegetables and even peas with carrots or chicken paprika.

That is if you take them for yourself….

Because if you know a tea, mulled wine or hot chocolate drinker, or a chiller who hides from the cold by the radiator, a mug from the Hotties range is perfect for them. Especially since the North Pole came with new, charming clothes: gift boxes, white and red, in the shape of little boxes, with a drawstring for easy transport and gift-giving, and with hearts in the windows of the bridges.

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