Known as “platea carnificum” in 1494, Fleischergasse (Butchers’ Street) from 1751 to 1919 and 1 May from 1948 to the 1990s, the Metropolitan Street of Sibiu, as we know it today, has been passed through years, decades and centuries, along with its buildings and people.

Here it is, in the Year of our Lord 2021, 527 years after it was referred to as “platea carnificum”, that is, the street of the Butchers in Latin, that Lullula ends up here. And since we already talk about Mitropolia as “our street”, we will start a small chapter, “Picanters of Mitropolia Street”.

All the interesting and spicy stories of the street will find their place here. Oh, and he’s got a lot to tell! Because for many centuries, one of the corners housed the Town Hall of old Sibiu – Altemberger House – today the History Museum.

So all the celebrities and crowned heads who have visited Sibiu have come here, starting with King Vladislav II Jagiello of Poland, who was received and feasted here in 1494, and continuing with the great composers of the 19th century. Liszt, Strauss and Brahms. Who performed concerts in the old Hermannstadt.

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