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Known as “platea carnificum” in 1494, Fleischergasse (Butchers’ Street) from 1751 to 1919 and 1 May from 1948 to the 1990s, the Metropolitan Street of Sibiu, as we know it today, has been passed through years, decades and centuries, along with its buildings and people. Here it is, in the Year of our Lord 2021,


Whenever I think of Easter, I remember my grandmother. She prepared all sorts of goodies at every feast, and she also used to paint red eggs with onion leaves. If in the old days, in my childhood during the Ceausescu era, I remember all too well the Gallus paint with which my mother, with the


Well…we all know what a “wonderful” year we’ve had. Full of fears, stress, fear of illness, loss of all kinds, isolation and loved ones stuck in other countries and cities. 2020 has not been an easy year for anyone in this world, but it is coming to an end. We know too well. It’s not


After Candy Month in October and Christmas Month in November, we are declaring December Gift Month at Lullula.So with every order you place throughout December, you’ll receive from us:– a 10% discount voucher that you can use on a future order– 2 teabags of organic spiced winter tea to warm you up with something good


After October, during Candy Month, we sweetened up – with every order – with a piece of candy (two, three, four 😁) to make the autumn blues a little more bearable, November was declared Happy Birthday Month here at Lullula. Not to say it isn’t a good thing, but everyone likes to be congratulated and

Blog We don't know about others, but we here at Lullula miss Christmas. Maybe it's because of a year that was not only predictable, maybe it's because there's a little over a month left until then, maybe it's because we want a little bit of holiday feeling. Whatever our reasons, one thing is certain: the holidays

Because autumn and the cold days are getting closer and closer and the pandemic is not going away, here at Lullula we have decided to declare October as Candy Month. Just to sweeten and give a little joy to the heart of autumn, each of our orders will come with a few candies, chocolates, so

Blog After wandering around the North Pole in the warm weather, hoping to warm the hearts of the penguins, bears and polar foxes, the Hotties have returned to our shores. The large, palm-hugging cones are perfect for housing and enjoying everything that comes under the heading of "Hot": HOT tea, HOT milk, HOT choco, HOT soup,

After four years and almost seven months of existence, Lullula has reached almost every corner of the world, the hand-painted mugs, sweaters and t-shirts will now make their way to the countries of the European Union. “Well, what’s new about that?” you might say. If so far Lullula has arrived from New York to Seoul

Blog Like a lark that loves its homeland, Lullula now has a complete package of products with Transylvania as its main theme. Inspired by the entire region, from the wooden churches of northern Transylvania, the thatched cottages of the Apuseni Mountains to the haylofts and high shepherd households of the south, the products capture the essence

Long ago, when fleas shod themselves with nine iron gooses and leapt to the sky to bring us stories, somewhere, in a corner of the world, there lived an emperor’s daughter. Lia. And so proud and beautiful was our girl that the news went out to the whole world, with lads coming from all over

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